How It Began

One adventurer's dream turned into every adventurer's new favorite tool.

As an avid adventurer I have always spent the majority of my time outdoors in the beautiful Pacific Northwest that I call home. For the past five years every one of my summers has been spent free diving the local lakes and rivers. Being limited to 1-2 minutes under water left me wanting something more. I became scuba certified and took on that hobby as well, yet it still wasn't what I was looking for. Heavy scuba gear, expensive maintenance costs, and having to refill tanks at a local dive shop - not ideal.

That's when it hit me. I could combine free diving with scuba diving to create the exact tool I needed. After months of rigorous trial and error I finally created my working prototype of Dive Portable Lungs. I took to Kickstarter to share my idea with my fellow adventuring friends, and I was overwhelmed by the amount of interest and support I received from around the world. With all of the support I received I have been able to make Dive Portable Lungs available worldwide for any and every adventurer out there!


Owner/Inventor Cameron Barbeau

Owner/Inventor Cameron Barbeau


How It Works

Easy to use. Light to carry. Refillable anywhere.  Our high pressure hand pump attaches directly to the tank and pumps up to 3000psi. Our sleek, fast drying, easily adjustable, bag clips on and off in seconds. It even has a build in zipper pouch for anything you might find underwater! Our tanks come with the regulator already attached. Once your tank is filled just twist the copper regulator on to 140psi to breathe - now you're ready to dive for up to 15 minutes! 

Our Portable Lungs Starter Kit includes:

Dive Portable Lungs Tank
Cross Body Bag
4 stage regulator
3-Stage 3000psi Hand pump